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Julianne Moore (born Julie Anne Smith) is one of the most talented actresses in the history of the modern cinema. Each film with her participation is a hundred -percent hit.

Julianne Moore was born on December 3 , 1960 in a small provincial town of Fayetteville, located near the east coast of the United States.

She studied at the American college in Germany and then at the "School of Arts at Boston University" in the United States. In the beginning of her career, Julianne Smith didn’t see herself as a movie actress and dreamed only about theatrical career. Her real name - Julie Anne Smith – was already occupied by another actress, and she had to change this name for another. So, Julianne Moore appeared in the cinema world .

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A new phase began in Julianne Moore's career since 2004 . During this period, she acted in the cash Hollywood films more often. So the following films appeared : "Laws of Attraction," "Trust the Man," "Children of Men," "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee," "Chloe", " The Kids Are All Right" and many others. In addition, the role of the Sarah Palin in the TV series "Game change" was one of the best . Julianne Moore was awarded the "Emmy" and "Golden Globe” for her transformation into the "Iron Lady of American policy".
In total, Julian Moore played more than 50 roles in the films and became the winner of countless awards. In spite of four Oscar nominations , she hadn’t it.

Private life. Julianne Moore was married two times. Her first husband was the little-known actor John Gould Rubin. She was married to him for nine years. The marriage broke up because of the new husband novel. famous birthdays today
Soon a new man appeared in her life. He is the American producer Bart Freundlich. They have have two children - Caleb (born in 1997), and Liv Helen (born 2002).
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